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Cost of the therapy depends on the group you belong to.
Read the instruction carefully before placing an order.
Select the group

Treatment packages are specially designed according to country weather. Select the proper group before placing an order. Cost of the therapy depends on the group you belong to.

After realization of Payment, Product will be prepared at our main centre and then, it will be dispatched on desired address. We also provide all other instruction and usage with the products.

Product will be send by Courier / Speed Post. Online tracking of your products will be only available if provided by Courier/Post /Air Mail.

For abroad patients, approximate time to receive the products is 17-20 days (depending upon the country).

For Indian patients, approximate time to receive the products is 7-10 days.

Each country has different policy for clearance of herbal products. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by receiver. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what it may be.

Treatment packages are designed according to the history given by the patients. Your Patient ID is required while you make the payment. If you do not have your Patient ID then create your Patient ID as per

Read disclaimer, Terms and Conditions carefully before you make the payment.

Group A - Abroad Patient
U.S.A., U.K. & Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf, etc.
Group B - Abroad Patient
Those abroad patients who want their product to be delivered at any address within India.
Group C - Neighboring Country
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.
Group D - Indian Patient
For Indian residence only
(These Products are specially designed for Indian weather only)
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Alopecia Treatment Center (Formerly known as Herbal Treatment Center)


  Alopecia Treatment Center
1/3839 Nani Desai Pole,
Nr. Maltiben's Hospital,
Soni Falia, Surat - 395003.
(Gujarat) India.
Phone : +91-261-2591146
Time : 1 pm to 6 pm (IST)
Email :
Dr Rohit Shah   Ragini Shah
Dr Rohit Shah   Ragini Shah
     International Support Centers :      India Support Centers :
   USA More Details   Trichologist  Holly McGuffin Trichologist Holly McGuffin
   Canada More Details   Akshay Banker Akshay Banker
   UK More Details   Mrs. Patel Mrs. Patel
   Malaysia More Details   Shirley Lai Shirley Lai
   South Africa More Details   Dr. Sacha Piedallu Dr. Sacha Piedallu
   Ahmedabad More Details   Dr Sunil Shah Dr Sunil Shah
   Valsad More Details   Dr. Sahil Masalia Dr. Sahil Masalia
   Navsari More Details   Dr. Sahil Masalia Dr. Sahil Masalia
   Vapi More Details   Dr. Sahil Masalia Dr. Sahil Masalia
   Vadodara More Details   Dr. Bharat shah Dr. Bharat shah
   Gandhidham More Details   Dr. Ashok D. Thakkar Dr. Ashok D. Thakkar
   Mumbai More Details   Dr. Heena Quraishi Dr. Heena Quraishi
   Sangli (Maharashtra) More Details   Dr.Sonali Bapat  Dr.Sonali Bapat 
   Pune More Details   Dr Mahesh Bora Dr Mahesh Bora
   Nasik More Details   Dr Shailesh Londhe Dr Shailesh Londhe
   Indore More Details   Dr. Sanjay Kucheria Dr. Sanjay Kucheria
   Bangalore More Details   Merlin Subhashini Merlin Subhashini
   Bhubaneswar More Details   Dr Annada Prasad Dash Dr Annada Prasad Dash
   Rourkela More Details   Dr Annada Prasad Dash Dr Annada Prasad Dash
   Karnal (Haryana) More Details   Dr. Meenu Gandhi Dr. Meenu Gandhi




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